[ANSTHRLD] MacLeod - Docs needed

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Reaney & Wilson, English Surnames,
page 292 header MacLeod
Gillandres MacLeod 1227.


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>Subject: [ANSTHRLD] MacLeod - Docs needed
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>Howdy all,
>On the name submission 'Lachlan Mac Cloed', it was decided by the CoH to
>send it to Laurel with the corrected spelling of 'MacLeod' for the
>The current docs I have from the submitter does not support this nor do
>the applicable commentary give the specific entries necessary for proper
>documentation. The best the commentary says is that the spelling 'Mac
>Cleod' is from post period.
>If someone can transcribe the needed docs for 'MacLeod' so I can add
>them to the LoI and the forms, I would appreciate it.
>Bordure Herald
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