Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Thu Jul 3 11:12:13 PDT 2003

If someone wanted to assemble it, I'll bet we could build a chart that
mapped ILoIs to LoIs and LoARs, and that might help.

For example:

ILoI			LoI    	LoAR

03/2003		05/2003
02/2003		04/2003
01/2003		03/2003	07/2003
12/2002		02/2003	06/2003
11/2002		01/2003	05/2003
09/2002 & 10/2002	12/2002	04/2003
n/a		 	n/a		03/2003
08/2002		10/2002	02/2003

For Ansteorran submissions in general (this may vary due to scheduling
	LoI date = ILoI date + 2 months
	LoAR date = LoI date + 4 months
	LoAR date = ILoI date + 6 months


The mapping of LoIs to LoARs can be build from the online cover letters.
For example:

ILoI			LoI		LoAR

			n/a		12/1985

			08/01/85,	11/1985
			08/05/85, &

			n/a		10/1985
			06/10/85	09/1985
			05/08/85	08/25/85
			n/a		08/10/85
			04/25/85	07/1985

			07/24/84	12/1984
			n/a		11/1984
			n/a		10/1984

Keeping track of the current schedule can tell you when a submission is due
to be ruled on.  Building a list of what LoI past Ansteorran registrations
were in would make it easier to answer questions of "what were the docs
used when such-and-such" was registed in [the LoAR date]?

Such a list would also let us know which LoIs are missing from the archive
the Bordure office has, which is inventoried at:

And it looks like the 7/24/84 LoI is missing from the Bordure set.  Rats!
I need to make a note and photocopy that for the kingdom before the Laurel
files leave my garage.  

I would love to make sure the Bordure office has a complete set of LoIs
before the Laurel files leave, but I just don't have time to sit down and
compare the inventory page to old cover letters to figure out what is
missing.  If anyone feels the great urge to do that, and would compile a
list of what's missing, I'll make sure to get those LoIs copied.  [I
suspect that most of what is missing will be in the early to mid 80s.]


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