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> Bridgid asked:
> >I know this will possibly sound like a
> >dumb question but here goes. I am helping
> >someone here that is thinking about using
> >the name Regina, however, since we use
> >Regina to refer to the queen then that
> >name is a no-no. Am I correct?
> The O&A has:
Previous registration is never a guarantee of current registerability.  I
refer everyone to the cover letter to the April 2003 LoAR which I figure I 
might as well quote here:
    From Laurel: Laurel Does Not Know It All

      We have all seen instances when a submission was returned that was 
      documented from a previously accepted submission - the old standard
      phrase is "Past registration does not ensure future registration." We
      are hopefully continuing to learn and this moving target can
      sometimes cause a name or device to be returned even just a month
      after a similar submission was accepted. A few weeks ago there was a
      discussion concerning the reply to a "But Laurel said ..." argument.
      The best summary of the situation comes from Tangwystyl verch Morgant

	One should always read any decision by Laurel as being prefixed by
        "Based on the available knowledge, research, and analysis
        available to us at this time, it is our understanding that ..."
        Many heralds (on all levels of the hierarchy) often forget this
        and word statements of current knowledge as if they were Absolute
        Truth, but there's still an onus on the listener as well to insert
        the disclaimer.

    We require your help to know "the truth". The current knowledge is
    extended by the research of the College of Arms, the College of
    Heralds, and the submitters. Any documentation provided on a
    submission, whether it is from the submitter, the Kingdom College of
    Heralds, or the College of Arms commenters, goes a long way to
    helping us all learn. If you provide "the truth" in your commentary
    and submissions work, that leads to better recreation and we all
    benefit from the latest best attempt at determining "the truth".

Having included that, let's see what Laurel has said about the name Regina.

   The discussion of the names of Lucia Visconti and Arianna Maria di Marchesi,
   reviewed in the April Laurel meeting, sparked quite a bit of commentary, 
   particularly as regards the strictures of Rules for Submission VI.1. ... 
   While both surnames Marchesi and Visconti are derived, in a more or less 
   roundabout fashion, from the Italian equivalents of Marquess and Viscount, 
   they were also clearly documented as surnames used by non-nobles. As a 
   consequence, the applicable part of RfS VI.1. would be "Names documented to
   have been used in period may be used, even if they were derived from titles,
   provided there is no suggestion of territorial claim or explicit assertion 
   of rank. For example, 'Regina the Laundress' is acceptable but 'Regina of 
   Germany' is not." In the cases here, both names have been documented to 
   have been used in period, and neither is used in such a way as to suggest 
   either a territorial claim or an assertion of rank. That being so, both 
   names have been registered. [4/94c, p.2]

Yes, it's registerable, so long as not used in a manner that could be 
considered presumptuous.

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