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Now that folks have driven me to more arcane sources:
This work by Morlet deals with 6th to 12th century
Frankish and Old German names.

Morlet, Marie-Therese,
Les Noms de Personne sur le Territoire de l'Ancienne Gaule du VIe au XIIe 
Siecle, three volumes
(Paris: Centre National de la  Recherche Scientifique, 1972)
Volume I has names of Continental German origin

Page 148 mentions Isoldus as a male name no date given and Iseldis as a 
female name from 1113.
This would be Latinized forms.

Iselde or some spelling looks like it survived until near 1200.

>Not really a herald here but I just researched my German name and it 
>out as Dietrich von Waldorf. During my research I discovered that in the
>1100's to 1300's Von was not as prevalent as adding "er" to the last name 
>denote locatives. So I ended up with Diethelm Waltorfer (Waltorf being an
>earlier form of Waldorf, and there are far fewer Diethelms than Dietrichs 
>the SCA)

>From 1200 to 1400 you find both von and -er for locative names using
names of villages or towns.
Zu is used for generic places, like field or
woods and for inn/house names.
We don't find aus being used.

>From 1400 to 1600 von transitions to become an inherited surname.
After 1500 our sources give us very few examples of names.
Parish records exist that could provide them but it requires
reading Latin or German in that horrid Gothic script.  No one
has worked that area for an article yet.

Before 1200 Socin, Bahlow and Brechenmacher give few
examples.  Morlet l'Ancienne Gaule gives us some Old German
names.  The 1100s were the time of transition from
Old High German to Middle High German.

You see Old German names widely scattered through
Reaney & Wilson and Bahlow but no one has
gathered them up yet.

I wonder if von (and locative bynames) were used
in German before 1100 since they were still using
single given names.

Magnus von Lübeck

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