[ANSTHRLD] Slot Machine?

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In both cases you blazoned there is no "slot machine" violation.  All of
the charges in question are the same identical charge and so are
considered a charge group and hence treated as one item.

"Slot machine heraldry" really applies to primary charges but I would be
interested in comments on this list as to whether it also applies to
secondaries and tertiaries (I find myself breaking more misconceptions
about secondaries and tertiaries in the last year than I possibly

"Slot machine", in my experience to date, is where you have three (or
more I suppose) non-identical charges placed as co-primaries.  For
example, two boar's heads respectant and a boar spear.  The boar's heads
are not identical as they do not face the same direction and the boar
spear is something else entirely.

The problem is a lack of any period evidence (as I understand it) for
more than two non-identical items or groups of items as co-primary
charges.  (Again, I am VERY interested in the applicability of this to
secondaries, etc.)

Using the above boar's heads, etc. example, if the boar's heads were
facing the same direction then you have two items for purposes of
complexity counting and with relation to slot machine.  You have one
group of identical charges (boar's heads) and one spear.  This is OK.

Did this help or muddy the waters?

Nordsteorra Herald

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To my understanding, slot machine is when you have three or more
charges in the same charge group....


 Gules, on a bend or three roses sable
  (Red field, gold bend with three black roses on it)

That one I'm really not sure about, and

Vert, a chevron between three boars heads to sinister erased within a
bordure or
(green field, a chevron between three boars heads facing left, within a
border, all gold)

I think not, because the charge group is divided by the chevron...

Now, both have all three of the same charges, but I wanted to be sure so
could let the submitter know....


Jayme Dominguez del Valle

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