[ANSTHRLD] Slot Machine?

Mór inghean Chathail mor_chathail at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 9 07:48:22 PDT 2003

The charges are the same item... To help with this one idea, if three
or more of the same item were not allowed due to "slot machine", then
"seme of X" could not be allowed either. (JIC: seme - charges strewn in
an indeterminate number over six (usually) on a field or primary
charge) So, these definitely do not fall under slot machine...

looking at conflict for both items in the oanda (through 3/02)
>  Gules, on a bend Or three roses sable 
is clear
>  Vert, a chevron between three boars heads erased contounry within a
> bordure Or
is clear
and, if you wanted, I believe the 
>  Vert, a chevron between three boars heads erased contounry Or
is clear also

Bantiarna (ldy) Mór inghean Chathail
Caerthe, Outlands

--- Joseph Percer <jpercer at stx.rr.com> wrote:
> Greetings!
> To my understanding, slot machine is when you have three or more
> different
> charges in the same charge group....
> Would:
>  Gules, on a bend or three roses sable
>   (Red field, gold bend with three black roses on it)
> That one I'm really not sure about, and
> Vert, a chevron between three boars heads to sinister erased within a
> bordure or
> (green field, a chevron between three boars heads facing left, within
> a
> border, all gold)
> I think not, because the charge group is divided by the chevron...
> Now, both have all three of the same charges, but I wanted to be sure
> so I
> could let the submitter know....
> Thanks,
> Jayme Dominguez del Valle
> Seawinds

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