[ANSTHRLD] Slot Machine?

Sara L Friedemann liana at ellipsis.cx
Wed Jul 9 08:08:04 PDT 2003

Quoth "Herndon, Darin":
> "Slot machine heraldry" really applies to primary charges but I would be
> interested in comments on this list as to whether it also applies to
> secondaries and tertiaries (I find myself breaking more misconceptions
> about secondaries and tertiaries in the last year than I possibly
> expected).

It applies equally to all types of charge groups.

"Azure, a foo, a bar, and a widget argent" is just as much slot machine as:
"Azure, a fess between a foo, a bar, and a widge argent" and
"Azure, on a fess argent a foo, a bar, and a widget azure"

> "Slot machine", in my experience to date, is where you have three (or
> more I suppose) non-identical charges placed as co-primaries.  For
> example, two boar's heads respectant and a boar spear.  The boar's heads
> are not identical as they do not face the same direction and the boar
> spear is something else entirely.

No, this is not slot machine.  Slot machine refers to charge _types_.
A boar's head and a boar's head sinister are different orientations
of the same type.


vita sine literis mors est

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