[ANSTHRLD] Conflict Check (Roses, Boars, and Conflicts, Oh My!)

Sara L Friedemann liana at ellipsis.cx
Wed Jul 9 11:54:22 PDT 2003

Quoth "Joseph Percer":
> What is cotising? I'm not too clear on that...

Cotises are secondary charges that look like narrow strips -
slightly wider than fimbriation - that lie on either side
of an ordinary, with a bit of gap between them and the
ordinary, so that the field shows through.  You can see
some examples by going here


and searching for 'cotise'.

Funnily enough, Parker only discusses cotises in refrence to
bends.  Were cotises restricted to bends in period?

> On the second device, if I change the tincture of the bordure, or the boar's
> heads, will that clear the conflict?

It will clear that conflict, but it might introduce others.  The
new design would have to be checked again.


vita sine literis mors est

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