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Wed Jul 9 11:58:24 PDT 2003

Sara L Friedemann <liana at ellipsis.cx> wrote:
> BTW - does anyone know what a 'selle' is?

A question easily answered by the on-line Merriam-Webster's, though
due to it being a more obscure word I went to One Look at
<http://www.onelook.com/>, which searches a lot of dictionaries
(including M-W).  I am amused that at the bottom of the One Look page
    _Today's word_ is _sodomite_
The explanation is
    Every hour a computer program selects five words that get an
    unusually large number of searches on our site. These words tend
    to reflect topics that have appeared in the world news or in
    discussion groups across the Web. Each morning the top word is
    featured as the Word of the Day on our home page.
#5 for the current hour is "nosegay".


Anyway, M-W says "sell or selle" is archaic for "saddle".
A food dic says that it's a saddle of meat.  A biking dictionary say
it's the Italian plural of sella, 'saddle'.
    There are several Italian saddle makers whose corporate name
    begins with "Selle", including Selle Italia, Selle San Marco and
    others. Sometimes people try to shorten these names and talk of a
    "Selle saddle", which actually makes no sense.

>> Vert, a chevron between three boar's heads erased to sinister within a
>> bordure or
> Conflict with:
> Zac of Middleford
> Vert, a chevron between three trident heads all within a bordure Or.
> One CD for the type of secondary.

And the second CD is for orientation of the trident heads, as they
could be oriented to sinister but are not.  They're clear.  (I was
about to call the same conflict before when I noticed the

Daniel de Lincolia
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