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Sun Jul 13 17:25:13 PDT 2003

Greetings to all who read this!
My apologies for bothering the lists with so many questions, but I am still working in finding a registerable Middle Eastern name that I also like.  I was looking at Turkish for a while, but I am now back to considering Arabic.  With that said, I am looking at this as a possiblity:
jawhara al-zahra.

I am also considering adding a patronimic, but I was looking for comments on what I have so far.

There is a new article that I just found through the SCA website:
It lists "jawhara" as a name, and even though the records are of Jewish women from the Geniza, the article also states that the names are mostly Arabic.

I've also found al-zahra through a St Gabriel's report:

Would these two articles be considered acceptable documentation for the CoH?  If so, would I need to search for more documentation, or would this possibly be enough?  Any comments/suggestions/constructive criticism would be gladly welcomed.

My thanks,
Susan (looking to become jawhara al-zahra)
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