[ANSTHRLD] fun with names

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Tue Jul 15 15:33:48 PDT 2003

At 05:24 PM 7/15/03 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm preparing a sample gate sheet for a class at Round Table and need 10 
>fictious SCA names.  I thought it might be fun to solicit ideas here.

My personal favorites are:

Joseph Fighter
Joseph Whitebelt

(Reaney & Wilson s.nn. Fighter, Whitebelt, if I remember correctly).

FYI, Joseph Newby is actually registered - it's an alternate persona for a
peer out west (An Tir?) somewhere.

And my favorite branch name is still Shire of Coldedernhale (a case of
truth in advertising).


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