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This looks like a good name.

Jawhara al-Zahra.

The citation for the article is given.  This article requires only
a summary but no copies. This documents the given name as Jawhara.
Jewish Women's Names in an Arab Context:
Names from the Geniza of Cairo by Juliana de Luna

I found one reference to a similar name.
Dodge, Bayard, ed. and transl., The Fihrist of al-Nadim,
A Tenth-Century Survey of Muslim Culture, Columbia University Press,  New 
York, 1970
This lists Jawhari as a man's name from 813-833


Actually they found a man with the given name of al-Zahra
and its possible use as a rare descriptive name for women.
It looks like al-Zahra could be used as a byname here or
as the daughter of al-Zahra = bint al-Zahra.

It would be easier to copy this article to send with the submission.
Andalusian Names: Arabs in Spain by Juliana de Luna
al-Zahra' (the radiant) as a woman's byname.

Whichever one you use needs to be copied and included with the submission.

The excellent summary of what you found made it much easier to research this 

Magnus von Lubeck
Orle herald

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