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On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Sara L Friedemann <liana at ellipsis.cx> wrote:
> Quoth Tim McDaniel:
> > I think).  Nebuly is WAY underused in the SCA, by the way.
> Really?  I thought nebuly was only marginally period.

Anglo-Norman Armory Two shows nebuly in use from the earliest days of
heraldry.  I just flipped it open to "bars", because it's a sizeable
section and therefore likelier to have a range of practices.  (For
example, if you want to research all the unusual things that could be
done to beasts, look at "Beast - Lion".)

    p. 14, Lekeburn: Argent two bars nebuly sable surmounted by a bend

    p. 17: Sigoyne: Or two bars nebuly sable.
           Elchesfield: Argent, two bars nebuly sable.

    p. 31: Alan Goldingham: Argent, three bars nebuly gules and a label
           Simon & Ralph Basset: Argent, three bars nebuly sable.
           John Chaumpayne, Alan Goldingham: Argent, three bars nebuly gules.
           Lovell: Or, three bars nebuly gules.

Mind you, the next page (32) has

           Simon Basset: Azure, three bars wavy argent.
           Ralph & Robert & John Champaign): Argent, three bars wavy gules.
           William Goldingham: Ermine, three waves gules.

making me wonder whether nebuly was (in early days) an artistic
variant of nebuly.  I've not researched it, though, and I suspect it
would be somewhat easy to research.

Daniel de Lincolia
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