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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 18 10:40:14 PDT 2003

--- tmcd at panix.com wrote:
> It would probably help me greatly in my dithering to know what sort of
> design you were thinking of.
> Daniel de Lincolia
> -- 
Sorry, I should have included the design in the original e-mail.  We intend
not to have a Champion/s of a specific classification (rapier, A&S, bardic,
armored) etc, but it will vary yearly, for the way the Champion is selected.
 This year we have decided to base our Champion on Bardic skills tieing in
with our Westgate Winter Collegium, themed bardic arts.  

So, as such, I'm unable to design a medalion with the Canton arms, and some
other acoutrement, such as a harp for bardic, or rapier blades for a rapier
champion, since the form of the champion will change yearly. 

So, I'm left with just the shield device of the Canton of Westgate:  
'Gules, a portcullis within a laurel wreath and a chief embattled Or.'  
As such, I just intended to do a 2" shield of the Canton arms, with laurel
wreath (if that is deamed appropriate), in brass and enamel, hanging from a
chain, to be worn round the neck, or I may add a pinback, so it can be work
as a broach.   
Hillary   (hillaryrg at yahoo.com)

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