[ANSTHRLD] Japanese armory

Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Mon Jul 21 14:25:27 PDT 2003

<sigh> I believe i know this Gentle.
The difficulty goes deeper than blazoning Japanese-looking things in
Heraldic English as it were.  In truth, the ordinary Japanese up through
Samurai class didn't Have devices or banners or whatnot.  Warriors carried,
or rather wore in battle, a square 'flag' on a pole attached to their
backs - but even that did not identify the individual.   So the question
boils down to 'how do you even begin to do this thing called armory for a
Japanese?'  Tinctures can change. . . . .

And, yes, the SCA is Euro-centric.  It was at the beginning, it is now, but
may not be in the future, based on the sheer number of  Mongols, Indians,
Persians, Japanese, and the like that are represented.  We won't even
discuss the Incas and Hawaiians i've seen at events lately. Please.  So
where's the line?  How do we serve these individuals as armorial Heralds
without squashing their culture's ways too badly?

Gerita, not starting a fight, but trying to learn.

Crossbows don't kill people.
Quarrels do.
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