[ANSTHRLD] html....?

iaenmor iaenmor at swbell.net
Tue Jul 22 17:27:38 PDT 2003

open tools in Outlook Express, then options, then send.  click on text.
Should fix it.
Iaen Mor
Gate's Edge
Coastal Region Archery Marshal
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> will do...we use Outlook Express...(yeah, I hear the groans out there).
> Could you tell me how since I have looked around and can't seem to find
> right path on the menu bar?
> medb liath
> > (If you could turn off multipart messages and/or HTML posting?
> > HTML is rarely useful in e-mail, it adds clutter and disk space and
> > download time, and I doubt that multipart messages work in a digent
> > format.)
> >
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