[ANSTHRLD] renewed call for applications for Laurel Sovereign and staff

Bordelon, Wendel Wendel_Bordelon at bmc.com
Fri Jul 25 11:17:35 PDT 2003

At the July 2003 meeting the Board of Directors reopened the call for 
applications for the office of Laurel Sovereign of Arms. A new call is 
being made because in the weeks between the close of applications and 
the Board meeting all three applications were withdrawn from 

The decision about the new Laurel and staff will be made by the Board 
of Directors at the October 2003 Board meeting, with the new team to 
take office and start ruling on submissions in April 2004. Application
must be made in writing to Laurel Resume, SCA Inc., PO Box 360789,
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789, or to resumes at sca.org. Resumes must be 
received by September 30, 2003. Applicants are encouraged to forward 
their resumes to the College of Arms to allow the College to provide 
informed commentary to the Board.

Laurel is responsible for overseeing all heraldry in the SCA, including 
the processing of heraldic submissions. A detailed job description is 
found in section IX of the Administrative Handbook of the College of 
Arms at http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/admin.html#IX.

The current structure of the Laurel office splits the submissions work 
between three main deputies: Pelican Sovereign of Arms (decisions on 
name submissions), Wreath Sovereign of Arms (decisions on armory 
submissions), and Laurel Clerk (handling the hundreds of submissions 
processed each month and the College of Arms correspondence for those 
submissions). Other structures for the office are acceptable.


Laurel will be taking a more active role in helping develop team 
applications this time. It is often hard to find the staff needed to
do the entire Laurel office in one place.  The current office setup
shows that the staff can be located in multiple cities.  To that end,
people who might be interested in taking the responsibility for a 
portion of the Laurel job are encouraged to write to Laurel, who may
be able to help them become part of a Laurel team bid.

Laurel would like to commend the three teams that previously applied. 
They all wished to serve the Society and the College of Arms. The 
reasons for making the hard decision to withdraw their applications 
were as varied as the teams that applied. One common concern I heard 
from each applicant was the volume of work and the time required for 
the office. I respect each of the teams that applied for the office.
It is Laurel's hope that each of team will continue to work with the
CoA and apply again in the future.

--Francois, Laurel

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