[ANSTHRLD] Victorian heraldry books--EEK!

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 1 10:56:37 PDT 2003

Please beware of using Burke's Peerage as a research resource for
anything other than Victorian & modern practices.  In the quote you
provided, there is no indication to me as a researcher that there is
any evidence that the practice(s) described are anything other than

Daniel, in another post, provided information from period sources on
precedence.  Of course, they are only applicable to that time
(Tudor/Elizabethan England), and not necessarily reflective of medieval
English practices.

For that matter, beware of using *any* Victorian source as a research
resources for anything other than Victorian (and maybe modern)

I insert herein a shameless plug for Master Da'ud's new publication, a
modern translation of the fifteeth-century heraldry treatise "The Boke
of St Albans".  Available in print or CD.

--Serena, who's finally able to catch up on her email

--- "Haines, Paul" <PHA at allseas.com> wrote:
> I found some useful (for me anyway) information at
> http://www.burkes-peerage.net/sites/common/sitepages/reindex.asp

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