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Unto the Heralds of the List,
Herein is the response from our Rampart Herald.


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> I'm trying to find out if Katlyn is an acceptable variant for Caitlin in
> Period.  I've found one instance of the name in the Armorial: Katlyn of
> Misthaven, registered in February of 1991 via the Outlands, but this
> tell me if the name is Period or if it is the gentle's given name.  Does
> anyone have anything citing this spelling?

I'm afraid I can't offer any really good help.  She documented it as
"a variation of Katherine" using Withycombe's Oxford English
Dictionary of Christian Names, but even in that, the spelling 'Katlyn'
is not documented.  It seems to be a jumbling of several different
spellings, Catlin, Kate, Kateryn, etc.  "Rules were different then."

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to pass these days, but it
might be worth sending up to the SCAHRLDS list and seeing if any of
the real name people have a suggestion.

Alia Marie

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