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If you wish to do a joint thingy on it I'd be willing.......


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>hmmmm.  I'd love to work on it, but it'll be at least 2 weeks before i can
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>> While looking for information on Guthrum the Dane, I downloaded a PDF of
>> Margaret Alice Murray's "The Witch-Cult in Western Europe" (Oxford:
>> Clarendon. 1921), because Google hit it in a general search for "guthrum".
>> As it turns out, the PDF has a tiny passing mention of Guthrum that was
>> useless to me, but one of Murray's appendices caught my eye, being a list
>> 681 names of witches from covens (162 of which occur between 1324 and 1598
>> A.D.), with one section being arranged by date and location, and the other
>> alphabetical by personal name. These names were compiled from judicial
>> records and contemporary chroniclers, as well as some unpublished trials
>> among the Edinburgh Justiciary Records and also in the Guernsey Greffe.
>> Murray's study was focused on Great Britain, but also investigated some
>> French and Flemish sources, and New England records.
>> I'm not exactly sure what Murray's theories about names and witches is (I
>> guess I'll eventually wade through enough of the text to figure that out,
>> just out of curiosity).  But having the alphabetical list presented by
>> Murray in tabular form, in a PDF, and being a tech writer with all the
>> necessary geeky tools for manipulating PDFs, and having time on my hands,
>> sucked out the names into an Excel file.
>> I have some vague notions that there is an article in this somewhere, with
>> working title thus far of "Just Because You're an SCA Wiccan Doesn't Mean
>> You Have to Have a Pixie Moonglow Name".
>> Since my focus is really on Viking names (d'oh!), I wondered if anyone
>> either (a) would like to pick up this list and do something useful with it
>> or (b) can suggest some useful presentation of this material (assuming it
>> in any way useful).
>> I've zipped the PDF and the Excel file separately and stuck 'em on my
>> website so folks can get at them.  They're located at:
>> http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/FTP_Files/MurrayWitchCult(477KB).zip
>> http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/FTP_Files/MurrayWitchNames(55KB).zip
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