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Blaise de Cormeilles blaise at scadian.net
Sun Jun 8 21:32:53 PDT 2003

On Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 08:41:29PM -0700, Bill Butler wrote:
> I have not seen or heard of any LoAR's since February
> of this year.  Have I missed them somewhere?  If so,
> can someone please suppy a link to the more recent
> ones for me, please.

The February 2003 LOAR was published in late May; the electronic copies
were mailed on May 31.  I have heard a rumor that some copies of the
March 2003 LOAR were hand-delivered at Known World Heraldic Symposium;
not having been able to attend, I cannot say for certain.  I have not
yet received either my hard-copy of the March LOAR or electronic copy.

(Yes, it really takes 2-3 months after the meetings to publish the
letters.  This is because the letters undergo editing and proofreading
to reduce the number of errors that get published.  The letters are
still dated according to the month that the meetings were held.)

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