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> Greetings to the list,
> I am looking to document, in some form or fashion, the name 'Karrick', or
as a secondary choice 'Kerrick', as a Given Name.  Registerability is the
key, nothing else.
> I've found it as a surname, but I'm looking to see if I can find it as a
Given Name.  Thoughts?
> Timothy

It would help if we knew what references or websites you or your client have

The following is English documentation.

It seems that the surname <Kerrick> comes from OE <Cenric>, R&W, s.n.
Kerrich, Kerridge, et.al., page 263.

Pre-Conquest Personal Names of the Domesday Book by von Fielitzen, p.214,
s.n. <Cerret>, and <Cerric> says to see <Coelraed>, <Coelric>.  <Ceolric>
has the spellings of <Gelricus>, <Cerric> (Cerricus).  It is noted that the
G in <Gelricus> is a scribal error.

I have no idea if he can force a <K> spelling out of that.  There were few
<K> names in the book.

I haven't found anything for <Karrick->.

The surname <Carrick>, R&W, p. 84 says "Usually from the district of Carrick
(Ayr), but the Oxford example suggests that there was also another source of
the surname."

Bardsely, s.n. Carrick, p.161. Local, 'at the carrick,' from residence on or
by the carrick, or craig, or crag; Gaelic, carraig 'a rock'. No dates.
Andrea / Maridonna

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