[ANSTHRLD] Web Site Update

Estencele Pursuivant estencele at ansteorra.org
Sat Jun 14 18:45:20 PDT 2003

Heralds and interested parties,

The Estencele Pursuivant has awoken (more true than you know, but it's a
long story) and the following updates have been made to

Added ILoI for April and May 2003.
Added AICC for January, February and March 2003.
Added ICC for April 2003.
Added LoI for March, April and May 2003.
Added LoC for May 2003.


Lord Chandranath <russ{at}randomgang.com>
"Per pale sable and gules, a decrescent argent."
mka Russ Smith (http://www.randomgang.com/~russ/)

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