[ANSTHRLD] Conflict Check

Sara L Friedemann liana at ellipsis.cx
Mon Jun 23 18:50:06 PDT 2003

Quoth "Stefen and Rhonda Hays":
> Name:  Morgunn MacKenzie.

Any particular culture/time period in mind?

Black s.n. Morgund has <Morgund Mathowson> 1527.  S.n. Morgan,
he says that "the Pictish form of the name is <Morgunn>."  He
also has a <Morgund de Glenesk> 1296 and <Morgund filius Abbe>, 

S.n. MacKenzie there are a number of dated forms, with <Johannes
McKenzie> in 1606, as well as <MacEnzie> 1549, <Makeinzie> 1597.

<Morgund McKenzie> would be a fine Scots name, but unless
evidence can be found for the spelling with the terminal double
<n> can be found outside of the Pictish cite given by Black,
<Morgunn McKenzie> would not be registerable; there is one
weirdness for lingual disparity and one for temporal disparity.

> Blazon:  Argent, a savage's head azure and a bordure fleury sable.

My!  Going for the woad look, are we?  This looks clear to me.


vita sine literis mors est

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