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Thanks, you are right.  Got it from linking out of  the Academy site.  Like
I said I am no expert.
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> Quoth "iaenmor":
> > Morgunn- =
> > http://www.medievalscotland.org/scotnames/simplescotgaelicnames12.shtml
> By gum, I _knew_ I'd seen the name elsewhere, I was looking in
> the wrong place.
> > this is taken off the  Academy of Saint Gabriel website.
> No, it's from the Medieval Scotland website.  Check the URL.
> It doesn't start with "http://www.s-gabriel.org", so it's not
> an S. Gabriel website.
> This makes <Morgunn>, in this spelling, appropriate for a
> 12th century Scottish Gaelic name.  <MacKenzie>, being Scots
> and not Gaelic, would not be authentic combined with <Morgunn>.
> I believe the Gaelic form of <MacKenzie> is <mac Coinneach> -
> I can check Black tomorrow to double check.  If so, <Morgunn
> mac Coinneach> is a fine Gaelic name, which could have been
> recorded in Scots as <Morgund McKenzie>.
> -Aryanhwy
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