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> This was originally submitted a number of years ago, was rejected for
> *spelling?* and was resubmitted at Coronation for Patrick and Julia in
> Gatesville. 
> How can we track this action?  I am eager to help this good gentleman.
> In Service to the Dream,

Take him to this link:

 <A HREF="http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/herald/hst/">Index to Ansteorran Heraldic Submissions: Main Page</A> 

This has all the ongoing submissions indexed by alphabetical order and by 
area of residency.

Incidentally, I just did a quick check and.....hmmmm....doesn't seem to be 
there under the alphabetized index....or on the residency index.  Have him 
contact his local herald and find out what's going on.  If it's been submitted, 
then it should have at least shown up by now, at least in the Gazette.

Yours in service to the "Dream",

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