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Yikes!  This *might* be legendary, although OC&M doesn't list it.

Dart-shuile: heifer eyes (Macpherson's Darthula)
It seems that Darthula is a re-told Gaelic story of Deirdre.

"...In Darthula the setting is dark ages Scotland rather than the debased
eighteenth-century version of the world of Classical myth. The text is
adapted from 'Dar-thula a Poem', published by James Macpherson in his 1765
'edition' of The Works of Ossian the Son of Fingal..."

Here's Macpherson's 18th century poem in French
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> I'm wondering if anyone knows the origin of the name Darthula.  I'm
> not trying to document it as period, just to find out what language,
> literary work, or whatever it was taken from.  It turns up
> periodically as a woman's name in 19th century America.  I thought it
> sounded vaguely Biblical, but it isn't listed in any index of Bible
> names I've found.
> Are there any bored onamasticians out there who want to take this on?
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