[ANSTHRLD] Rising Star of Ansteorra

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Thu May 1 18:54:18 PDT 2003

>Greetings unto Ansteorra.
>It is my great honor and priveledge to announce that the Award of the Rising
>Star of Ansteorra is registered.
>Vivat Ansteorra!
>Rosalia, Star Principal Herald

That's right, it was in the January 2003 LoAR.  For folks who are
interested, the Jan. 2003 LoAR is now available at the Laurel website at:


Award of the Rising Star of Ansteorra may have the longest name discussion
in that LoAR.  If it doesn't, it sure is a close runner up!  *grin*


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