[ANSTHRLD] Looking for Help with a Roman Name

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Let me apologize for the time in getting back and thanking you for your
assistance; I'm still trying to do a lot of reading.  With that said; yes, I
have read the articles that the link leads to and that actually lead to some
of my questions. With that said, I'm starting to try to put a name together
based on what I've read.  I would like to take you up on your offer of
checking the Prosopography for me, if you wouldn't mind.  I have one
questions at this time, I would like to use the nomen Drusilla, is possible;
which I believe would be a feminine diminutive of Drusus (basing that idea
on Iulilla being a diminutive of Iulius).  I've found some information that
shows Drusus as a nomen, does the Prosopography support that.  Once I get
the nomen decided, than I will start to work on a cognomen :)
My thanks for any assistance,

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> Recommended reading if you haven't already done so.
> www.panix.com/~mittle/names/otherearly.shtml#roman
> I have the Prosopography of the Roman Empire if you
> need dates for names.  Most of the people listed
> were men but still useful for documenting the base
> name.
> Magnus von Lubeck
> >Greetings!
> >Is there anyone out there who could help me with creating a Roman name?
> >am looking for a name for a persona from the early Empire period, 1st -
> >early 2nd centuries C.E.  From what I've been able to find, I would be
> >using a name with two elements, nomen and cognomen, both in a feminized
> >form.  My questions from there are primarily these:
> >1)  Which name would a person be called by their friends, the nomen or
> >cognomen?
> >2)  I'm interested in using the name Drusilla, I've found Drusus listed
> >a nomen and (from my minimal understanding of Latin) the normal feminine
> >form would be Drusa.  Would Drusilla be possible, also, as a feminized
> >(possibly a diminutive form) nomen for a woman?
> >
> >My sincere thanks to anyone who can help me with this,
> >Susan
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