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--On Saturday, May 17, 2003 11:03 AM -0700 Diane Rudin
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> And then Daniel wrote in this most recent post:
>> It's a court report.  I don't see anything notably Latin in it: I
>> recognize most of the words as either English or French (or something
>> really close: "pur" is "pour", I think).  Except I don't recognize
>> "per prisoner" and "Et pur ceo".  I think that when they called it
>> "law French", they meant it.
> Latin words in that quote (which may also still be retained in French
> for all I know, but they haven't been changed at all from their Latin
> origin):  fuit, per, que, et, de.  The rest looks about 2/3 French and
> 1/3 English.

fuit and per are Latin; que, et, and de only changed pronunciation when
moved into French.

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