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Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Mon May 19 17:40:23 PDT 2003

If I may give my opinion (and I may),

> I'm getting ready to get started on designing a tabard, and possibly a
> for the office of herald in seawinds... I was wondering if I could get
> help on what is permissable as well as a blazon for the badge?
> For the tabard & Badge, I would like the following in a plain english
> description:
> It will be divided by quarters, 1 & 4 will have green with crossed
> and 2 & 3 will have the seawinds device, minus the laurel wreath (or do I
> need it on there?)
> The Seawinds device is:
> Per pale embattled azure and or, an escallop inverted counterchanged, in
> canton a laurel wreath vert

No offense, but I personally -- not officially, as if Estencele holds any
official weight :) -- find this style an abomination.

There is a period style for how to dress your herald: dress him or her in
the device of whatever it is he or she is speaking on behalf of (you, if
it's your herald; your group, if it's your group herald; etc.)  Quartering
it with the crossed trumpets is simply a gaudy crutch for the heraldically

On a side note, removing the laurel wreath from your group's device makes it
no longer your group's device.

I encourage you with all the energy I have to make a tabard of your group's
device and drape it upon your herald.  I promise you it will look great, be
a period practice, and gather accolades for your group.

As for a badge, I have no opinion since I'm not sure what the purpose of
having a badge for an individual group herald is.

and his pet, Peeve

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