[ANSTHRLD] Badge & Tabard

Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Mon May 19 18:24:25 PDT 2003

Sure, and we have those, too.  But that's not a badge for an INDIVIDUAL
group's herald; that's a general badge for the office of herald.  It exists,
it's usable, I'm not sure why every group would need to register one
separately for their own herald.  Heck, if you were worried that your box
would be mistaken for another herald's, put both the crossed trumpets and an
existing badge of the group on the box, which states "this is heraldic
cruft, and it belongs to us."


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An office badge is a good way to mark the office's effects, like those boxes
of resource books and the files cabinets (or what-have-you) of submissions
in-process and complete etc, or the box of regalia that is getting ready to
be made for the office... :)

I have also seen, as a basic "I am performing in this capacity" a badge of
the crossed trumpets as a baldric or some such for quickie throws ons for
field heralds, town criers, etc...

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