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I don't believe Ansteorra has a finite way to denote differences between
pursuivants and heralds.  While we have several heraldic "ranks", they are
more administrative tools than a heirarchy.  Pursuivants report to Heralds,
and Heralds report to Star Principal Herald.  Thus local branch heralds are
referred to as Pursuivants, as they report to Regional Heralds, who report
to Star.  As for Pursuivants Extraordinary, Pursuivants-at-Large, and
Heralds-at-Large, these titles are a result of passing part or all of the PE
exam, and are all deputies to their Regional Herald, so the Regional Herald
has a pool of folks that are experienced in one or more field of heraldry
that he/she may call on them for assistance.

There has been some historical depictions of heralds and pursuivants and how
they wear their tabbards.  They both wear sleeved tabbards, but where the
herald wears it as you would expect, with the front and back covering the
torso and the sleeves covering the arms, the pursuivant wears it turned 90
degrees, so the sleeves are covering the torso, and the front and back of
the tabbard are covering the arms.  I've only seen this in a couple of
pictures in tournament books, but I've never seen any pursuivants in
Ansteorra favor this style of dress.


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> Okay, so the badge is out.... I understand that the style of tabard
> indicates heraldic rank. Sleeves indicate a pursuivant, no sleeves
> a herald... How does heraldic rank work in Ansteorra? I know we have the
> warrant exam as well as the pursuivant extrordinary exam, but I'm not
> exactly sure what sets the difference between pursuivant & herald in our
> kingdom....
> Jayme

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