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Except that the definition of the CoA as found in
Appendix A of the Admin Handbook:

1. Laurel Sovereign of Arms. The Laurel Sovereign of Arms (Laurel)
is the principal heraldic officer of the Society and the head of
the College of Arms. Laurel is responsible for fostering the
study and practice of heraldry, and for establishing rules and
making determinations regarding names and armory, royal and
noble titles, and geographical designations to be approved for
use in the Society.

2. College of Arms. The College of Arms of the Society consists
of the Principal Heralds of the kingdoms and such other persons
as Laurel may deem to be of assistance. It aids Laurel in studying
historical heraldic usage, developing heraldic rules for the
Society's use, and reviewing individual items prior to their
registration for use in the Society.


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> > > The herald speaks for the branch, not the College of Arms.
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> > With one exception. :-)
> Wreath would have it that Laurel speaks for the SCA and
> governs the CoA.
> Remember the other tabard discussion of late on ATH.
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