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I'm not sure that last item (the kamakazi example) is correct.  Magnus
earlier comment mentioned that House <person's full name> would not be
passable.  I would think that House <some thing> da (O)Porto would be an
acceptable pattern.  To offer an example, Guild of Tanners da Porto
should be an acceptable format as it differentiates the Tanners of one
place from another.  Of course, that's an occupational guild as opposed
to a household and the whole thing should be in one language or another,
not Portuguese and English.  But the format for guilds and households
are the same for registration purposes, as I understand it.

Using an inn sign format, I would think that the House of the Cup and
Phoenix of Oporto would be an acceptable format.  I know that there are
inn signs that have involved two elements and I know that there are
period Orders that involve two elements.  By leaving it all in the
English format (and choose your preferred form of the city name), I
would think this offers a plausible attempt for registration.

I will now defer my above registered opinions to those who know more on
onomastics than I do.


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So, to boil all of this commentary down, 'House Porto' and 'House
Oporto' will not be allowed and adding something like 'House Kamikaze da
Oporto' won't fly either?

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