[ANSTHRLD] House Porto - Household name and badge

ED Reese edreese at m7bedlam.com
Thu May 29 14:25:37 PDT 2003

At the risk of being presumptuous,  and not entirely sure what the language
in question is, would it be possible to change the end to a plural, and
this avoid the conflict, and make it even clearer it is the name, not the

This follows the typical _Italian_ rules for such pluralization, to the
best of my feeble knowledge: (O)Porti

Would it not also be appropriate, for some periods, to "translate" the name
into a Greek/Roman "classical" name? Portae? (Forgiveness, please, I know
that is going to cause great pain for some of you!)

Perhaps something like "Casa dei (O)Porti" -- please forgive my errors of
grammar, I am only trying to get the idea across to those better educated
than myself, who knows just enough about such matters to no doubt screw it up!

Could any of these ideas be used as suggestions, once they are corrected?

Esther of Ennis Merth

At 07:38 PM 5/29/2003 +0000, you wrote:

>>How about House blank of Porto?? Keeps Porto in the name, but they'd
>>have to figure out something else to add.
>I can't remember seeing any household named after an individual's
>full name.
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