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I haven't seen a single Roman name that was well known enough to be
Even Nero was used by other officials in the empire.  Something like
Caligula might
make folks cringe.

The easiest guide is to look in a major print encyclopedia such as
Brittanica.  It the entire
name isn't in there it has very little change of presumption.  Major figures
from that
dynasty like Gaius Julius Caeser would be there.  I don't remember the full
names for
Claudius and Caligula.

orle herald

>I have one more question dealing with Roman names; but this question is
>actually with CoA guidelines.  I've found a nomen and cognomen that I like,
>Domitia Agrippina (decided against Messallina), but have one concern.
>While I cannot find reference to any actual historical person with this
>name, these are both names that were used in the Julio-Claudian dynasty.
>Would using these together be considered presumptuous, and somehow
>therefore not registerable.  I'm not sure if the SCA has any rules on that,
>I do understand that you cannot use the name of an actual, historical (at
>least important historical) person.
>Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
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