[ANSTHRLD] Heraldic activities at crown tournament?

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> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Heraldic activities at crown tournament?

So I showed up.  Glen Rose I found to be surprisingly prosperous, for
a small Texas town -- is it the tourism for the dinosaur tracks, or
"The Promise" (the musical passion play)?  There were half-a-dozen
people in line in front of me at the hotel desk, and they were coming
to see the play.

Despite the statements made at Etienne's installation, I don't think
the purpose of the baptism of a herald was to wash away previous sins
(however much of a laugh the line got).  I think the reason for the
baptism was that the person being baptised was named.  I adduce the
fact that bells were often named, and the naming of a bell was done in
a form of baptism, and I can't see where bronze could have committed
sin.  I also wonder about the christening (nota bene!) of a ship:
today it's via a bottle of champagne, but I'd bet that it was
originally a cup of water in a form of baptism, and for the same
reason as for a bell or herald.

I was surprised that the heraldic consultation table was such an
exercise in sex education -- it was all about the burrs and the bees.
I would like to comment Magnus Slaybee, who accounted for semy of
bees mortant, but alas! the bees eventually won and drove us away.

Never had it put that succinctly before:
"Why not put the crescents horns up?"
"But my tattoo goes this way!"
I got two tattoo consults in a row.  Oy.

Daniel de Lincolia
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