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The site is nearly completed.  It can be finished and published in an hour
or so.  All I lack are the names of those offices/officeholders that have
changed since the last Black Star
(http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/newsite/contacts.htm).  As soon as I have
them, the site can go live.

Cellach Ferguson
Estencele Pursuivant
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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> Last I have heard, subject to change on site I suppose, it will be
> towards the end of the morning court prior to the March of Precedence.
> I do not know when morning court is scheduled to begin.
> Etienne
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> Is there a guess-timate on the time for this ceremony?  I'd heard
> "morning
> court" but I have no idea if anyone knows when that will be yet.
> Mari
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