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Amonet, Amonett appears to be a prominant name among the Huguenot
There is a Jacob (Amonet Ammonet Ammonett) who was born in 1667 and
died in 1725 (Huguenot Society, many MANY genealogies -- last count
70). He was one of the founders of the Viginia Huguenot colony.
UNfortunately, this is outside of the grey period. Still looking...

There is a variant in Italian: 

"Dizionario dei Cognomi Italiani"
Ammannnati (var. Ammannato): (pg 55)
Cognome tuscano, derivato dal soprannome e poi nome augurale tardo
mediovale Ammannato, formato dall'agg. toscano ammannato "ben
preparato, ben disposto"

Tuscano last name, derived from the nickname and the name augured from
late medieval Ammannato, formed from the agg. from Tuscany ammannato
"very prepared, very decided" 

--- Little Dancer <born2bonstage at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have looked everywhere, can anyone point be in the right direction
> for documentation for Romani (Gypsy) Names?  
> Next Question...
> Can anyone find documentation for 'Amonett' or 'Amonette' as a French
> last name?
> ~The Gypsy Brenna

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