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Mon Nov 10 12:19:23 PST 2003


The College of Herald's new website is now live and available for your perusal.  To view it, please visit http://heraldry.ansteorra.org.  (My apologies to all for this cross-posted message.)

As with any new web endeavor, this one is susceptible to some growing pains.  If you notice any errors or have any comments you wish brought to our attention, either use the contact form located within the site, or, write Estencele Pursuivant at estencele at ansteorra.org.  I will do all I can to address any conerns as quickly as possible.

Also, if you are an officer in the CoH (including Regional and Baronial level officers), please note the CoH website policy/instructions on publishing email addresses:  

"Send an email to Estencele Pursuivant giving express permission for your address to be published. Please include in the message the exact email address you wish used. This permission will cover the entirety the CoH website. Those officers with 'ansteorra.org' addresses also need to complete this process."

All those who assisted me in the creation of this new source for the CoH, I thank you.  Most especially our Star Principal Herald, Seigneur Etienne de Saint Amaranth, and our Obelisk Herald, Emma de Fetherstan.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new layout of the CoH website.  Again, if there is any comment you'd like to make, feel free to contact me.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
Cellach Ferguson
Estencele Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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