[ANSTHRLD] My ansestor...

M{o'}r inghean Chathail mor_chathail at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 12:37:49 PST 2003

IIRC, being YOUR middle name, you could register it as a surname for
yourself (Is that how it works?) But, your friend? As far back as I
have been able to find in my quick search has been that illustrious
ancestor of yours. However, it seems there was more than one Amonet
(Ammonet, Amonett, etc) that came to VA from France or Switzerland
[area]. Maybe they were cousins of a sort...

Your friend? We need to find better documentation going back earlier.
Of course, there was an Egyptian Goddess of that name [wife to Amon],
can we prove people were named after a goddess, that one in particular?


--- Gypsy <born2bonstage at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thank you both for your help... The name Amonett is my middle name
> and it was mother's maiden name... The Jacob Amonett you mentiond is
> one of my ansetors... May I ask where you found information on him? 
> I have a freind who loves my middle name and wants to try and pass it
> as her surname.  I was just wondering if anyone could trace it any
> farther back that I could.  (Wich is to Jacob Amonett)
> Thank you
> ~Gypsy

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