[ANSTHRLD] Calling all vocal Heralds

Kristy Cook kristyandelong at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 13:46:43 PST 2003

Greetings one and all,

The Barony of Bonwicke is having our 12th night
celebration on December 13th and we are in desperately
need of some loud voices to herald our fighters onto
the field.

We are having a grand high style tournament, each
fighter must hire the services of a herald,as well as
have a letter of intent, and a consort. What this
means to you is that each fighter must hire your
services. The price of your services are up to you and
your fighter.

I have agreed to send this out on our list in hopes
that some of you will respond and give me permission
to include your name on a list of heralds that will be
present at our tournament,this will allow our fighters
can contact you and hire you for the day. 

The day is promising to be a lovely day of high
persona play, in the grand style of yesteryear. We
would love to see each of you here even if you are not
a vocal herald.

 If you need more information you may contact me at
kristyandelong at yahoo.com or you may check our website
at www.bonwicke.org for more information

In service,
Kristyan de Long
Herald of Bonwicke

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