[ANSTHRLD] Documentation Request - Elizabeta di Firenze della Rosa

Brent Ryder borekvv at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 1 05:24:46 PST 2004

>I want to take a minute to say "thank you" to all of you for this effort.  
>is much appreciated!  Let me tell you, when you have to rule on something 
>150 names in one day, having good summaries and good docs makes a BIG
>difference.  Do the math.  At 150 names in an average LoAR, with an average
>meeting of 8 hours, that's something like 18+ names an hour.  Less than 4
>minutes per name.  Heck, sometimes you can't _read_ the commentary for that
>item in 4 minutes.  Even if you're a fast reader.
>The two big questions that someone asks themselves when reading an LoI 
>is "What does the submitter want?" and "Is what is submitted supported by 
>documentation?"  That's why the summarization in the LoI of both what the
>submitter has checked on the form (plus any additional requests) and of the
>supporting docs is so critical to Wreath and Pelican and to commenters
>(including members of the College of Arms) who are commenting on the 
>So, all the work everyone puts in to present the information clearly and
>completely is MUCH appreciated!

I want to echo these thanks. The CoH, and more specifically Magnus and 
Maridonna. have been of invaluable help to me on names for a very long time 
and I hope for a great deal longer to come. I hope they will be recognized 
by all to TRM's in the way of award reccomendations for their hard work and 
research for Ansteorra because such work is rarely recognized if even seen 
by the populace in general and TRMs in specific.


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