[ANSTHRLD] Heraldic-ish question

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Fri Apr 2 14:57:05 PST 2004

> >An example would be that I look across the field and
> >see my device on someone else's sheild.  After the
> >battle, I hunt them up and say that that is my
> >registered device and I would appreciate it if they
> >would not use it.  They say they like the way it looks
> >and intend to use it and tough cookies (or something
> >similar) if I don't like it.  Do I have any recourse
> >to get them to stop using my device through the SCA,
> >or could I take legal action to make them stop, at
> >least in SCA functions, using SCA registration as a
> >basis for the legal action?

I told his knight.  End of problem.
Of course, I did say something like, "Good Sir X, your squire <name>
is showing great disrespect to me and the SCA College of Arms."  Then
I told him what happened, factually and cooly, remembering that in
period heralds were bearers of diplomatic communication and sometimes
even judges.  I slid into the role of such a herald and the good knight
I addressed treated me with dur respect, had his squire summoned to tell
his side, then made the honorable and proper action of telling his
squire he was a boob and cease using my badge as his arms or turn in
his tokens of fealty and break his squire's oath.
It was more radical than I expected, but this knight is the epitome of
chivalry and requires it of his squires, as well.  I also got all my
books hauled for the rest of the event as recompense.

And actually, the SCA grievance procedure is a good thing to apply
in such situations.  It's locatable on the SCA homepage, I believe.
Had talking to this knight, a friendly acquaintance who had his belt
when I joined the SCA in 1987, not worked, I planned to start
following it.

- Teceangl
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