[ANSTHRLD] contrast.

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Sun Apr 4 21:49:44 PDT 2004

> I've a client who fancies "gyronny azure and sable, an opinicus segreant contourny argent."
> Do azure and sable have good heraldic contrast?

The rule you want is in the RfS, section VIII.2.

This specific type of thing has also been addressed in Laurel precedents, 
Elsbeth's tenure under CONTRAST.

And the answer is "no", but you should look up the Rule and precedent and
arm yourself for explaining why, and so you'll know for future inquiries.
You'll never learn by only asking specifically, but you'll absorb an amazing
amount of stuff by reading the rules & regs, then sometime surprise yourself
by seeing/hearing another herald's question and saying, "I know that!  The
answer is..."  :)

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