[ANSTHRLD] Decison Meeting April and May

Sara L Friedemann liana at ellipsis.cx
Tue Apr 6 07:47:58 PDT 2004

Quoth ravenrux at cox.net:
>>>> > Daniel, you can be so high maintenance some days.  Check out this
> > link. You get dates and directions too!
> >
> > http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/seneschal/calendar/unofficial.html
> I humbly crave your pardon for deigning to disturb you with my
> presumptuous request.  Instead, I will dial up and look them up
> myself, my inconsequential few minutes doing so being so less
> important than your few seconds of typing them when you already know
> them full well.<<<

> Good reply Daniel!
> Masamune

I do find it ironic that such a reply would come from Daniel, who is
a big champion of "Dude, look it up for yourself.  You know where to
find the answer, go do it." type of replies.


vita sine literis mors est

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