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Tue Apr 6 08:10:44 PDT 2004

Quoth ravenrux at cox.net:
> (Fieldless) On a gunstone, a bezant to sinister.
> Will this work? 

Anything that is "on a gunstone" (a roundel sable) is equivalent
to just being put on a sable field.  From the May 1998 LoAR:

"Skraeling Althing, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Friendship of 
the Hare. (Fieldless) On a heart gules, a hare salient contourny argent.

"While blazoned on the LoI as (Fieldless) On a heart gules, a hare 
salient contourny argent., since a heart is considered standard shape 
for armorial display, the submission is considered as Gules, a hare 
salient contourny argent. As such it conflicts with Enid Aurelia of the 
Tin Isles Gules, a hare salient to sinister argent within a delf voided 
and fracted in cross Or., with one CD for the addition of the delf."

So the proposal is equivalent to "Sable, a bezant [position]", and
should be conflict checked a such.

I'm not sure what "to sinister" means.  Are you saying that the bezant
is on the right-hand (looking at the shield) side of the emblazon,
instead of being centered?  If so, that's going to look really 
unbalanced.  In fact, I can't even think of a good way to blazon something
that is merely on the left-hand side of the field, and not in canton
or in base or something.  Perhaps "Sable, in sinister fess point a

>  I'm not sure how much difference a tertiary in a badge gets.

It's the same as in any piece of armory.  Badges are conflict checked
exactly the same as arms and devices.


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