[ANSTHRLD] Herefordshire names

Sara L Friedemann liana at ellipsis.cx
Fri Apr 9 16:13:59 PDT 2004

Quoth Laurie Brandt:
> I am looking for parish records and the like for Herefordshire England. 
>   I have a client  who wants the surname HARTSONG. I found an Isabella 
> Hartsong ca 1703 in Maden Herefordshire England from the Mormon  
> geneological site (familysearch.org).  I know I need to push it back 
> and get much better documentation. Any  sugestions?

You can find parish records and the like online at GENUKI - UK and
Ireland Genealogy (http://www.genuki.org.uk/).  The page for
Herefordshire is http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/HEF/.  Unfortunately,
there is no citation for <Hartsong> in "HEF Various Register Pages 
Extracts: Index by Surname" (http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~slkarner/

There are, however, lots of other links from the main HEF page
which may give your more information.

FWIW, I did not find the byname in R&W or Bardsley.


vita sine literis mors est

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