[ANSTHRLD] Herefordshire names

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 10 00:03:58 PDT 2004

The name may be from English Hartson from hartsthorne or German Hartzon from 
hertzog meaning fealty to a duke.

Some spelling variations are Hartsough, Hartsong, Hartstrong, Hartstronge, 
Hartsonge, Heartsong, Heartsronge, Hardsong, Hartson, Heartson, Hartstonge, 
Hartstong, Hedstrong, Headstrong, Eartstron, Artstrong, Eartsrong and many 

Given this amount of variation it would be an enourmous task to research all 
the them for that spelling.  Hartsong may be a modern variant spelling.

Herefordshire parish registers look like they begin post period.

The IGI isn't very reliable for an individual name for SCA or genealogy 


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